July 03, 2019 1 min read

We asked you in our last survey what content you prefer. 

We were able to conclude that Sneakers aren't the only topics you like to see on our Facebook Page: news about the NBA appear first. Player transfers and funny phrases also appeal to you a lot. 😊

We already knew this because of the popularity of some publications seen more than 5 million times like "NBA All-Star FUNNY MOMENTS of All Time 😂" (https://business.facebook.com/637189333021177/videos/161833011387441). Your answers confirm what we thought. :)


In addition, you also know our DearBBall site where we offer you content to progress. 


That's why we are going to change the name of the Facebook page to link to your content requests while keeping the identity you know on our website: Dear Basketball.
This name is familiar to you and will be more related to the content we are posting. 


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