Private Sneakers Sales

You just landed on our private sneakers sales 🎉

Here, you will be able to find almost all the shoes at prices lower than the market

As our stock changes very quickly, this page allows you to contact us to know all the information you're looking for ("What sneakers do you have"? "What's the price"? "I'm a point guard, what shoe should I take?" ...). We will respond by giving you all the information we have about the shoes.

It also allows that only really motivated people who will do the steps to contact us will access our private sale. 😎

How do we get these prices? Simply by reducing the steps of the distribution process of sneakers with our partners: usually the sneakers go through several carriers before being placed in premises, then transported again to warehouses or shops. This logically increases the price of sneakers.

However, thanks to our large social community, we have only accepted the partnerships that deliver the sneakers DIRECTLY from the Factory to offer you more attractive prices. 

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Our teams from the United States, France and England will answer you as soon as possible.


We will give you the best possible prices of the moment directly from the factory. 

Delivery takes 7 to 28 days.

30 Days Return


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